Tuesday, October 2, 2007

'Well well' by Mirjam, Olivier, Inge and Herman

'Well well, see, I can still be good at something,' she said, as she tied his tie. She disgusted him, but the problem was she knew and
¶ had even dyed her hair black to look more like the witch she tought she was.
But the witch she tought she was for few years... now was only because a child has spy once on her and
¶ was telling to her husband the following story:

In 1658, when the Russian Tsar Alexander the 3rd used his royal silver cutlery for the very first time, Janoushka, his second wife, had sex with their butler, followed by the gardener,
¶ the milkman, the housemaid, the Duke of poland and the royal Horse. Still her sexual lust was burning.
She desired and extra-terrestial lover, and imagined the red glowing finger of E.T. points at her. Since E.T. did not appear, she asked the milkman if he could -next time when he visits her- dress up
¶ like E.T. The milkman does everything to please her.

So when she tells him she actaully prefers cola instead of milk he doesn't mind bringing her black instead of white liquids. Her fresh pink blossemed skin makes him forget all about his love for milk, or his wife...

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