Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ah by Olivier, Herman, Inge and Mirjam

Hgrm... Hmm..
Dear customers, as you know we have been really good this year and so will be the next one. All of my partners and me, personally, would like
¶ to thank you for buying....
This was a very commercial thing to say, so of course the communist movement responded quite strong on it. Which didn't really matter. In the meantime the King of France was having a bath. Finally. It had been 2 years he didn't have one and of course this produced a horrible smell. 'It's a Dutch tradition to receive
¶ guests while having a bath', said the king, while receiving Lorenzo de Medici.
'When you are rich and powerfull you don't have to be ashamed. Look at my body, it is a gift from God, look how well shaped my forms are, look how elegantly I can move the seperate parts...'
¶ One of the guests strated laughing, something the king could not at all apreciate.

As nobody seemed to notice his itching got worse and forced him to go to the toilette where finally he could let down his pants and scratch. Oh! that felt so good!
¶ Those idiots. They had no idea. He looked in the mirror, looked at every tiny freggle on his face. He loved that.
But, no way, he wasn't the guy they were looking for... he was more tall and used to carry a ball. He was lost, ... as those lines... Again he had a look in the mirror and... what a pleasure for him, he loved him! As he was reading Elle and smoking Vogue,... he liked
¶ his man life, as a new man.

The new man was like this: he had no fear for death, he approached people full of love, he only wore designer clothes, picked the color of his nailpolish with extreme care, he beleived in a higher being while at the same time being agnostic, the new man danced without moving his feet, he loved goat cheese but would never eat it with cucumber. Yes, it was quite hard to be 'the new man' but nevertheless it was challenging to become one.

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