Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Sad Story of Amélie by Herman, Olivier, Mirjam and Inge

Amélie once found a little box full of treasures from the past. She found it in her wall, behind a tile that was loose. 'oh,' said Amélie and thought of a nice filmscript, based on her, doing good to the world.
¶ 'Oh, no' said Amélie, 'no, no, no, that would be boring. Let's be evil instead'. And so she did:
She did something that even the university of physics and macro-physics would never experiment in any thesis. She did something that if you think of it would bring you directly to hell.
¶ But Amely was prepared for anything and she took

serious precautions. She decided to wear the non-sexy, but body-correcting underwear, pink lipstick, but not too pink, so it would not make her look like a total slut. Hair in a tail, classy yet
¶ sophisticated and she could always wear it down when things got hot...
The mans deep dark voice raised the temperature in the room. She wetted her lips, to cool down a bit. Something she learned from the animals, but
¶ more civilized of course. Staring at somebody with an opened mouth makes not a very intelligent impression. She

then decided that intelligence doesn't really matter, that in fact intelligence is like a disease that gives a very blurred vision on the world and that, in order to be pure and authentic, it's better NOT to be intelligent, but only sensitive, or even: instinctive, so, thinking all that, her conclusion was that it's better to open the mouth, drip saliva freely, lick the environment, why not?, so to become a ENLIGHTENED HIGHER BEING. And so she did...

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