Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Untitled by Olivier, Mirjam, Inge and Herman

And there she was. alone in the dark... again! With her nails, half done and her hair half blond. She was again waiting for the same moment. This moment when the electriciy is too low to handle the magnetic field of the fridge door. This moment when the firdge door is openin, all by itself, like if a ghost would have opened it, as someone would imagine it.
¶ And she was there, staring at the Yop bottle.
It dawned on her she would never get rid of this if it got to her like that. After all, Mary got a haircut last week and still looked fine. Imagine if everyone would stop seeing a hairdresser,
¶ how would we all look? She wondered, while drinking straight from the bottle now,

like miss Hanigan, from 'Annie', the movie. 'We will either look like angels, either as some piece of moulded cheese,' she thought. 'It's oké, I live in the moment, I feel an itch between my toes, but I don't care. I care for the animals. Animals are sacred creatures.
¶ Gee. Maybe I shouldn't drink so much.' She thought, 'I look like a cherrypie with ribbons stuck in it.'
'No, worse,' she thought, 'like a plate of spaghetti with goatcheese and cucumber'. The idea of the combination of goatcheese and cucumber made her so sick that she had to puke. And then the weird thing happened: everywhere that
¶ her puke touched the ground, flowers sprung up, leaving a beautiful field of color behind her. It was magic!

A baroque or whatever picture... here she was... She just finished her dream... her bed was covered with potatoes and cucumber... rabbits and everything... a little farm in her bed. But what a dream!

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