Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Untitled by Herman, Inge, Mirjam and Olivier

That night the Titanic sunk... Marie found a rescue-boat and met Joseph. They survived, got married, had no kids because Joseph was infertile, so they opened a
¶ chocolaterie instead. Marie started an affair with Josephine while Joseph did a carpenter-course. The embroidery-afternoons got a very different meaning from this moment. When Joseph came home, -not seldom with a table, or a chair he fabricated by himself-
¶ and asked Marie aboud the 'high-tea' with her friends, Marie had a naughty look in her eyes. Joseph
felt the hairs in his neck rising. But as he wanted to attack her with some vicious accusations he saw how somebody's arm had been bitten off by a crocodile
¶ and realized that that was a least a far more bitter situation than his last shot of the, as known as the original, Absynthe... No offence... there... But he dropped the magazine in the chair where his future mother was sitting... There he was... he met his mother! So here she was... she met her son
¶ er song... something like: la la la li! What a tube...

The melody was actually taken from Mozart's 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik', but because the population wasn't culturally educated no one recognized it and everyone joined hands and danced the rondo, italian style.

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