Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Untitled by Inge, Mirjam, Olivier and Herman

The judge arrives in the courtroom, everybody stands up, some people give the judge a piece of paper, asking for his autograph. But the judge does not respond
¶ to these ridiculous proposals. 'I am a judge, not some David Beckham', he says. 'David Beckham?!' he squeezed it out of his mouth like an
¶ overdate meatball that was just forced down his throat.

But it was a little more difficult as he thought. He was only trained to swallow Pony meat balls and not a gunshot-like meat balls arrivals. But after few hours, he managed it and he jumped onto the weight machine, as martien called it, and won again, for the third consecutive time, the price of the most eat ball man in meat. Something like that.
¶ And, as ususal, after each competition he went to see if the meatball is
red on the inside. 'What? well done??' he shouted, and everyone around him knew what this meant: the whole kitchen staff would be fired. To the moon. In
¶ a spaceship. But as we all know, spaceships are just atoms, and we're all part of a bigger plan which is this:

I swallow a peanut, the earth swallows me, the ozon swallows the earth, space swallows the ozones. A spaceship is built out of atoms, E.T. points his finger to his nose and says: tuut tuut.

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