Monday, October 15, 2007

The squirrel by Inge, Herman, Miriam and Olivier

‘Your sudden appearence frightens me’ the doctor said. ‘Does it, doctor?’ answered the psychopath giggling. The doctor looked for a place to hide and seeked shelter underneath his desk. Then his chair begins to talk, the psychopath is still
¶ giggling. The doctor is trembling all over.
‘Scared doctors, exactly what we’re waiting for’, shouted a squirrel who watched the scene from the tree that was next to the window. A very annoying thing to say of course, but so was the character of this squirrel. Not without reason: when he was young, he had always been the underdog, or, in his case: undersquirrel. Abused by both of his parents,
¶ no friends, beaten up by his pianoteacher, rejected by the International Scientology Squirrel Society and so on... Our poor squirrel could only live by irony or even sarcasm.

Until that day when he step into the school of micro-botanics where he made the only brilliant study and at the end a tremendous thesis about populating bonzaí, and actually making them bigger, .. even 10 times bigger then their biological characteristics can predict... so here he was... our poor little, stupid, little squirrel was fucking and cheating on mother nature
¶ what a crime in the Rabbit industry! Meanwhile in the office Jeremy Slater was facing another problem: what to do with all these unsold ‘bunny tails’. Jessica looked at him from across the room. She winked. He saw her lovely breasts,
¶ but even that could not stop him from worrying. He saw only one way out, but it was a dirty way...

Then, all of a sudden, the sky broke open, a mouth was visible.. he didn’t understand it. Then the sky closed again, as if nothing had happened . He did not know what to do. There was no way out.. only.. a very dirty way.. this was the way he chose. He opened his pants, pulled down his nickers, bent over and.. sorry I cannot continue, it’s to disgusting.