Monday, March 26, 2007

Esmeralda and the Rain by Inge & Herman

Near the fountain, in the shade of a pine tree, sat Esmeralda, enjoying nothingness. The distant sound of a singing Robin evoked Esmeralda's reverie. With her eyes closed, she saw flowers, deep colors, and trembling leaves, which made the
¶ sound of tambourine. Emseralda was completely unaware of herself being in a public space, being visible to other people.
She didn't care being naked, nor that she couldn't sing. She just layed down on the big boulevard as if it was her bed and sang another song. Then Mohammed, a 21 years old chemophysicist passed and saw Esmeralda, lying naked on the street, singing. Being a scientist he wasn't interested in the beauty of this
¶ scene, so he ignored Esmeralda and stopped to stand just 1 meter from her to wait for the bus. But Esmeralda had seen Mohammed.

'Are you the one I've been waiting for?' she asked him, but when she uttered those words, the bus had just arrived, and the engine was so loud that Mohammed hadn't heard her. 'Were you talking to me?' 'Huh, what?' Esmeralda turned around and looked in the eyes of a strange creature, not completely human. 'Well? Were you talking to me?' it said. 'No,' said Esmeralda, 'I was talking to him', she said pointing at Mohammed. But Mohammed
¶ had gone with the bus. 'Look,' said the creature, 'I am slightly human. Do you want me to tell you your fortune?' 'How much does it cost?' asked Esmeralda.
'It will cost you your life,' said the creature, with a weird smile. Esmeralda smiled back. 'No,' she said, 'that's too expensive'. 'Then keep your boring life,' said the creature and flew away. 'Noooooo,' shouted Esmeralda, but too late, the creature was gone. Feeling worthless, Esmeralda went to a pharmacie and bought ratpoison. 'Goodbye cruel world,' she said when taking the first pill. 'Goodbye cruel city,' she said with the next. 'Goodbye cruel creature, cruel pills', she continued and swallowed the rest of the poison. And then something weird happened: it
¶ started to rain little silver crystals, while the sky became all pink, the air was warm and Esmeralda couldn't help but start singing again.

Her voice sounded like a seraphine. It attracted a lot of people who suffered from all kinds of dismiss. Esmeralda looked at them, while harmonious tones left her golden little throat. Her song promissed a soon and complete recovery for all the suffering poor creatures who had collected near the fountain. 'Drink of this water,' Esmeralda said. 'I love you. You are my children'. Then the rain came.

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beautifull! i can only clap my hands!