Friday, February 12, 2010

Roger and Isabella (Inge & John)

Roger and Isabella’s nuptial hour was drawing closer and their families were busy preparing for it with a huge cake made of every kind of dried fruit imaginable and icing sugar made of crystallized ¶ birch syrup. Since the thay Roger had proposed to Isabella there had been non-stop movement at their parents’ houses.
The ideas both families had about mariage were not quite the same. Rogers’ family was rather progressive, while Isabella’s parents were more conservative people. One thing though was ¶ certain; Isabella’s dress had to be white. ‘I’m a virgin and I’m proud of it’ she said to Roger. ‘I don’t give a shit about that’, said Roger. His mind really was on other things, it was quite true. That morning he had met a talking pig in the garden and it had prophecised to him that within the year he would be making an important discovery in the field of artificial intelligence. He didn’t believe it –he was a ¶ dentist by profession- but wondered how the pig could have known so much about his favorite foods and taste in music. ‘Some kind of trick’, he thought. A mirage, a fata morgana. But a good one though. ‘I like punk-rock too..’ he said, ‘I have a quite eclectic taste, I like any genre. As well as I like all my patients. They are my friends. ¶ You are my friend. I’m a good friend of myself.’ said the dentist to the pig. The pig replied that he was a friend to all those who were friends of the cause of peace and harmony among the peoples and animals of the world, especially the higher animals such as the swine. He was ¶ a very self-satisfied, even narcissistic pig and having uttered these words, produced a mirror with which to look at himself. ‘I love you!’ said the pig to his reflection. ‘I love you too’ answered the reflection. The pig smiled. The reflection smiled back at him. ‘We’re a good couple’, he said. ‘We definitely are’, said the reflection and disappeared.

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