Friday, February 12, 2010

Fashionspies (Inge & John)

Jacinta, Norbert and Carmine were part of an elite and highly secret division of the intelligence services –the fasion spies, otherwise known as the Trend Spooks. They moved in a world of glittering aftershow parties, sought-after tayloring and gauntly elegant anorexia. But beneath the surface was a traffic in stolen state secrets of the profoundest import, smuggled via a ¶ network of counter-fashion intel agents against whom Yacinta Norbet and Carmine, the fashion spies who never came in from the froideur of the couture doyennes withering gazes, were the only hope.
Jacinta, Norbert and Carmine took their responsabilities and gave the best of themselves. Jacinta designed some strange silhouets for women in winter 2015, Norbert designed a chewinggum that changed colour when blowing bubbles with it, while Carmine designed some visuals to project ¶ on these chewinggum-bubbles.
All that would be combined in one show. The three designers were
secretly all operatives for DEMON, the Demagogic Epiphenomenon of the Materialist Ontological Network, a secret society dedicated to the ¶ institution of total control of the worlds population by means of mind-altering chemicals in the fabrics of fashionable clothes. ‘There’s definitely something weird going on’, the people said. But they didn’t link the fashion industry with the large amount of deaths that was there since a year. Instead they bought ever more fashionable clothes, ¶ but if you would ask them the shortest way to the station, they would not be able to give a correct answer to your question. This was because, despite their appearance of being ordinary locals, they were in fact laser guided androids programmed only to have knowledge ¶ of several reasons of prevailing catwalk trends and certain designer drugs popular at fashion industry parties. An extra-terrestian, who accidently landed on earth, went to one of those parties, but nobody noticed him –of course- they just thought ¶ he was the art-director of XMMS, giving a fashion statement. His thigh-high green vinyl boots were generally agreed to be the strongest indicator of trends in 2011, especially since, by then, he would be the undisputed overlord of all humanity, and would be imposing his outlandish style with a strictness that crooked no resistance.

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